Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Henry J Beans Manchester - Hen and Stag Dining at the Printworks

Last Friday saw me head into Henry J Beans in the Printworks in the selfless gesture to make sure that the high quality of the food offered to Hens and Stags coming to Manchester was as good as ever. I can happily say that it most definitely is!!

Now I didn't push the boat out too much as the Manchester Stag and Hen packages start with sharing platters so I opted to head straight into the main course with "The Classic Burger" and go for the mark of a good restaurant in my and Stag and Hen Manchester's mind a good burger.
After ordering with the friendly bubbly staff my burger arrived in short order and looked stunning on the plate on its toasted bun with plenty of salad, chips and American coleslaw. The burger itself tasted fab and was hand made with what I can say was very good beef. I dolloped a splurge of tomato ketchup my favourite sauce and got stuck in. Now be you a stag or a hen if you can manage to eat the burger properly you can officially award yourself a prize for your big gob as I opted for a knife and fork approach but don't let that stop you trying.
Alongside my main course I opted to go for one of the three cocktails offered to Hens on arrival as part of the Manchester Henry J Beans Hen dining package a "June Bug" as I was off afterwards to drink a fairly large amount of beer (the stag option) with friends so fancied something different with lunch. I thoroughly enjoyed a couple of glasses of this as it fulfils one of my good cocktail criteria which is being ridiculously easy to drink.
Now I had serious plans after my burger to get some of Eli's vanilla cheesecake but I had been watching the Wimbledon tennis and dawdling so unfortunately i had to scarper but don't worry I got the following description from a table next door to mine which had opted for it " Heavenly - End of" so hang fire as you see me shamelessly find another excuse to head back all in the name of Stag and Hen Manchester to try it for myself.

In the meantime if you are thinking of a Manchester Stag Party or Manchester Hen Party and need some food for your night out you will find a delicious three course option with starting drinks all for the value for money price of £25. Simply head to the Stag activities page and select Henry J Beans Manchester or head to the Hen activities page and select Henry J Beans Manchester.

Henry J Beans Manchester is located in the popular Printworks area of nightlife and will fit perfectly with nightlife passes or tickets to the Birdcage, Pure or Entourage and a Manchester Stag Comedy Evening or the Manchester Hen Comedy Evening.

Mike says - Give it a try!!

Stag and Hen Manchester

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